How to add Google Adsense in Blogger Post

 If you want to earn money on your blog. Google AdSense is a perfect way to earn money. Here I post the tricks to add Google Adsense in Blogger post, May it helps you to spice up your blog and increase your earning.
 Just follow the steps
1. First of all you have a Google Adsense Account
2. Login to your Blog.
3. Go to Blogger Dashboard, then go to Template -----> Edit HTML
4. Backup your Template by clicking on 'Download Full Template'
5. Click on Expand Widget Templates check box.
6. Backup your Template by clicking on 'Download Full Template'.
7. Find  the following line in the HTML code in the text box by usinf 'Ctrl+F' key
8.  Now put the following code just before   <data:post.body/>

          <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'> 
          <div id='googleadsense'> 
9. Put your parsed Google Ad Sense banner code between 
         <div id='googleadsense'>   and    </div>

{To make your Google Adsense banner code Parsed, you need to change all '<' to &lt; and '>' to &gt;        it is easy to do with this tool - google adsense parser - just follow the instruction.}
10. Add new CSS style for your banner,  search for

           ]]></b:skin>       and put following code before it:

         #googleadsense {
  Note:  write 'right' , if you want to have ads from the right side 
9. Save your template.

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