How to Create Blogger Slideshow and Play Slideshow on Blogger Posts

Blogger slideshow is excellent to share your photos on Blogspot blog. It is easy to do so,
Creating and Inserting a slideshow takes just very simple steps:

  • Select photos in PIcasa and ‘upload’ them to Web Albums 
  • Use Picasa Web Albums to create ‘Embed Code’ 
  • Copy and Paste ‘Embed Code’ to your Blogger or Live Writer 

The first step in creating a slide show is to select the photos you want, give your new Album a Title and then upload them to Picasa Web
Now go to your Picasa Web Albums, select your album and display the photos you just uploaded.  With your new album photos showing on the left hand side of the screen, look at the right hand window and click on "Link to this album". just as in below image

After click on ‘Link to this album’, new options will be displayed in the right hand window.  Click on "Embed Slideshow" Showing below

After click on ‘Embed Slideshow’, a new window will open showing your newly created slideshow. As below in this photo

All that’s left now is to copy the code which is in yellow colored box and past into Blogger post in HTML mode.

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