Get a tablet as less as 35$.

Aakash Tablet, available for sale online on December 15 while India launched Akash tablet in just price of 35$.
The Akash will apparently have a seven-inch screen, 180 minutes of battery and the ability to play content. The tablet will also include Android 2.2 as its operating system, will have two USB ports, video-conferencing capabilities and an expandable memory slot (up to 32GB). One downside to the Akash will be its limited RAM of only 256MB.

We predict that the tablet price war will began in 2012 as the technology giants like Samsung and Amazon already launched their low cast tablets in market.While Akash tablet is a big leap in price war.People must prefer to buy a 35$ tablet rather then to buy an Apple Ipad of worth 600$.
It is in news that Akash tablet already get 14 lacks pre-order before its official sales.

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